Whitehouse Engineering has years of experience in the manufacture and installation of both structural steel chimneys, and double skinned stainless steel chimneys with support masts. Contracts for the manufacture of structural steel chimneys of various types and sizes have been undertaken by the company from single flue chimneys mounted on a steel support frame, to the Multi-flue variety with internal platforms and ladders. In addition to the manufacture and installation of chimneys the company also offers a survey and maintenance service whereby the status of an old chimneys can be established through inspection and ultra sound material checks. After which a report is complied including recommendations as to any repairs that are considered necessary. Details of some of the various types of chimneys manufactured and installed by the company are shown below.
Structural steel chimney at Ards Hospital this chimney is 31.5 metres (100 ft) high with a structural outer shell incorporating two internal chimneys, internal access platforms and ladders.  
Four chimneys manufactured and installed at the Mackie foundry in Belfast. These chimneys range from 40 metres to 55 metres (120ft to 180ft) high. Each chimney has an attenuator at the top along with mass stabilising dampers and rings.  
These chimneys fixed into a steel supporting structure and flues were manufactured for the Altnagelvin Hospital in Londonderry.  
Selections of double skin stainless steel chimneys and support masts.
Ballykeel Primary School
BT Call Centre
Grovener High School
Cookstown Leisure Centre