In these more environmentally aware times there is now a greater awareness of what is commonly known as “Sick Building Syndrome”. A contributory factor to this phenomenon is poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ for short) which can largely be attributed to the poor cleanliness of HVAC systems. This greater awareness by building and facilities managers has given rise to an increasing demand for Ductwork Cleaning Services.

The term “Ductwork Cleaning” can be misleading. In order to successfully carry out the cleaning of a HVAC system to achieve the desired results of improved performance and improved Indoor Air (IAQ). All components of the system should be cleaned not just the ductwork, with an air balance carried out on the system after the cleaning operation has been completed.

Whitehouse Engineering offers this additional service. The company has invested in the latest duct cleaning equipment, which allows it to carry out the cleaning of a wide variety of HVAC systems of all shapes and sizes.

There are three primary methods employed in the cleaning of ductwork which are:

1. The use of Brushes (Mechanically operated rotary brushes).

2. Pneumatic tools (Air Snakes and blow guns)

3. Manual cleaning with scrapers and hand held brushes.
As no one of these single methods can be successfully utilised on every type of ductwork system. Whitehouse Engineering has invested in all of this specialised equipment; thereby enabling it to employ each of these methods as required to insure HVAC systems of all types can be effectively cleaned.

In addition to the cleaning services an inspection of the ductwork systems can be carried out using the companies remote controlled CCTV system with video taping facility. This enables the type of cleaning method to be employed on a particular system to be assessed. It also allows for the verification of the cleaning carried out enabling “Before and After” video footage to be taken for comparison purposes.